Agnieszka Rządkowska

Energy policy researcher and Co-founder of the European Solar Network

Agnieszka Rządkowska

M.Sc. Agnieszka Rządkowska is energy policy researcher focused on the EU green transition and its impact on international energy relations and geopolitics. She is a co-founder of the European Solar Network. Her specialization is theory of energy security and the green transformation, energy relations and AI modeling. She authored research grants and coordinated several EU funded projects. She was an advisor to the Board of the EU COST Multiscale Solar cooperation of 70+ leading European PV R&D institutions. She serves as the Member of the Board of ISES and coordinates the AI assisted smart PV standardization SESG workgroup hosted by EITCI Institute and ESN with funding under the H2020 StandICT programme, joining together over 120 experts in this field. Her academic publications can be found via ORCID at and her latest book is available at

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